4 Ways Of Creating Engaging Content


In order to effectively deliver relevant and personalized content to customers, there is the need for businesses to leverage social media. Every day, over 500 million tweets are shared on Twitter with about 4.75 billion pieces of content produced on Facebook. No doubt, the importance of harnessing vital social media data cannot be relegated. Here are 4 simple ways you can create engaging content.

Find trending topics on social media

From global events like the Super Bowl halftime show to the notorious Petya and WannaCry ransomware attacks, there is the need for every member of your support team to acquaint themselves with trending issues on social media.

For instance, when the wrong name was read at Miss Universe in 2016 by Steve Harvey, Burger King was quick to react professionally by captioning a picture in a tweet that read “At BK, everyone gets to keep their crown.” Apart from its timely nature, this message was so cleverly presented that it resulted in almost a million replies, likes, and retweets.

In order to ensure proper engagement that will yield higher conversion rates, medical practices need to get involved with trending matters as they help to polish up content. Additionally, knowing what’s trending can go a long way in helping to engage new groups of potential customers and establish relevance in larger conversations.

Follow local and global news

Another effective way through which engaging content can be created is by understanding what’s happening locally and globally. Your team members should keep themselves abreast with the latest information on happenings around the world and also feel free to share what they’ve learned from the local and global scene.

Exploit consumer-generated content

User-generated content is a very powerful tool needed for attracting potential customers. According to a recent study conducted by Bazaarvoice, shoppers are very likely to make purchases especially when they interact with consumer-generated content. You may need positive and authentic customers’ experience to persuade non-customers to make a purchase. To effectively drive awareness, you need to leverage user-generated content. Social data derived through this means can help these experts address content pain points.

Integrate social data into your current marketing strategy

Gather social media data and put them to good use by incorporating them into your marketing strategy. You stand to achieve a better understanding of your customer through this means. You can also use this approach to create and organize more effective content and marketing campaigns as it helps to give you a better understanding of kind of audience you are engaged with.

Like the operation of small- and medium-sized businesses, social media has changed in no small measure. Understanding how to utilize this medium will help establish significant improvements.