There is no point preaching the merits of content marketing any longer; it is however pertinent to say that very few content marketers successfully achieve the goals they have set for the content marketing drive even after content creation.

Webinars, for example, are very useful when it comes to attracting and maintaining qualified leads, but they do not fare so well in the area of link building. Publishing new data and research, however, does better in creating a robust link profile.

This is not just hearsay, but the result of findings from a verified Link Building Survey which involved more than 600 SEO services providers in different fields around Florida and beyond.  Here are the five types of contents they believe are the best at growing links in today’s ecosystem.


High quality white papers equal high-quality link networks. This simply means that by creating content so great and rich that it can both be used to engage with customers flexibly as well as serve as a reference material for further sales drives.

It acts as a cornerstone content on which audience engagement is built; therefore, quality must never be sacrificed for any reason. By sacrificing branding needs, focusing on information, rather than advertisement, an effective white paper is created.


Infographics that are original, personalized and yet information – rich are also an indispensable tool for successful digital marketing drives. These Infographics need to be created with the customer in mind in order to generate solid links.

To nail this tip, the first step is to pick a specific topic that is very relevant to the target audience, collate points from (preferably proprietary) research about the topic and finally, ensure that it catches the eye. A topic on West Palm Beach, for example should only talk about that part of Florida, telling the audience something new in a colorful way.  Infographics are as much about the information they carry as they are about how they are presented.


Nothing piques an audience’s interest more than the prospect of being fed new information. The truth is that not a lot of people providing SEO services actually do this, because it is time consuming and requires a lot of effort and resources. New research information based on a solid premise, from a credible source, over a large – enough sample size is a sure-fire winner in the game of digital marketing.


Many proclaimed SEO services experts will suggest the use of videos to boost link building, but this also has to be done well. The videos have to be relatable to the audience and carry information that is useful to them.


Yes, they are not that inefficient, actually they do have some impressive results WHEN USED RIGHT. Most complaints about webinars stem from inadequate delivery – it is a very good policy to feature leading influencers in the industry in webinars for better delivery. The content being delivered also affects how successful the webinars will be in link building.

The bottom-line is, to succeed in the SEO services industry in Florida or elsewhere, delivery method is important but not as important as the content being delivered.