Audience Target Vs Keyword Search Marketing- Which Is Better?


Audience target and keyword are both very important in internet marketing. Some have argued, that audience targeting would replace the much-valued use of a keyword. Most people have struggled with whether to switch over to audience targeting or continue making use of keyword targeting.

To have a better understanding of both, it would be nice to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both internet marketing methods.

Advantages of audience target marketing

  1. Audience targeting is more popular compared to keyword search marketing.
  2. Audience targeted marketing helps you to reach out to a prospective customer more efficiently than any other keyword marketing strategy.
  3. Just like today’s aircraft attacking method which can heat its target more accurately, that’s how audience targeting is all about. It helps you get to your target audience
  4. Audience targeting helps you reach your customers no matter their profession, geographical location or demographic profile.
  5. It makes your prospective customers believe that you are a professional in their field.

Disadvantages of audience target marketing

  1. It is time-consuming
  2. It is very expensive and may not be suitable for small companies.
  3. You may omit or overlook other customers who may be interested in your business.
  4. Because of the desire to reach out to a particular target audience, it may be exploitative and would not provide useful information. It focuses more on getting the audience to patronize your business.
  5. It is also based on assumptions.

Advantages of Keyword search marketing

  1. Keyword targeting is demographically blind. It doesn’t care where you’re from or what you do, so far you’re in search of such business or anything related to it.
  2. It doesn’t target a group of individuals, rather it targets a single person. This makes it more powerful.
  3. It creates a lot of brand awareness.
  4. It increases traffic to your website.
  5. It is less expensive.
  6. It makes the site easy to navigate.
  7. Google and other major search engines prefer to use keyword targeting.

Disadvantages of keyword marketing

  1. It takes quite a reasonable time to yield results.
  2. The results are also not guaranteed, especially first-page ranking.
  3. There is always the risk of being penalized for the slightest mistake.

Both require a lot of effort to achieve ROI (return on investment). Patience and time must be dedicated to both methods. The typical digital marketing agency in states like Florida would prefer the use of keyword targeting. Keyword targeting gives the audience the ability to get a lot of information from your content. It also gives you the opportunity to market your product without exploiting your audience. A good digital marketing agency should use the keyword targeting method. For now, it’s the closest way of getting back your return on investment.