If you’ve just made that very important decision to start employing West Palm Beach Facebook ads for your business, it’s important not to relent as there is still more to know. As an essential form of social media marketing, it’s important to understand that there are several types of Facebook ads to choose from. The results you get depends mainly on the type of ad you choose to use. If you are confused on how to select the right FB ad for your business, then read on to learn more.

Here are some achievable objectives associated with choosing the right Facebook ad.

Page likes

Most businesses seeking to expand their reach in West Palm Beach may simply want to use Facebook ads. Like other social media marketing services, you can encourage new users to “like” your page on Facebook. You can simply make use of the page like ad type to promote your campaign goal. When you post content, users will be able to automatically view it on their News Feed once they’ve liked your page.

If most of your business’ efforts are rely heavily on social media marketing, then you should consider setting up page like FB ads. This ad type most suitable for businesses that specifically create content for their Facebook users to drive engagement. However, it’s good to know that other types of ads support the integration of a “like page” call-to-action.

Lead generation

When it comes to traditional lead generation, users are often required to fill out a form offered by the landing page they are driven to. You can drive users to your website through the use of a Facebook offer claim ad and have them fill out a form. However, this conversion path comes with its own downside as it requires users to leave Facebook. In a bid to claim what you are promoting, they will have to click on the ad which can also take them away from the social site altogether.

Fortunately, Facebook can now synchronize to get your leads just right where you want them while still providing a great user experience. With this, users can return back to browsing on Facebook once they fill out and submit the form on a lead ad.

Website conversion

Many social media marketing services are now being used to encourage users to possibly download an offer, start a free trial, or sign up to a newsletter. Interestingly, you can encourage your Facebook users to click on ads and immediately convert on your website after they find out about your brand via website conversion campaigns.

Brand awareness

Use the brand awareness ad objective to expose your brand’s name and products to as many people as possible. This can either be done after you’ve created an exciting web content or even at the beginning of your Facebook ad campaign. Technically, you can use this ad type for any campaign. However, it goes along with meaningful content. So, focus on creating enticing content that can expose people to your brand.