Dealing With SEO Robo Sales Calls


Answering calls and hearing a pre-recorded message on the other end is becoming increasingly prevalent these days. Commonly referred to as “robocalls,” it is sad to know that scammers are using this medium to rip small business owners off. Nowadays when businesses are getting very much involved with social media marketing services, it’s difficult to escape this trend.

What is a robocall?

It is an automated phone call that is pre-designed to play a recorded message once activated (picked). As technology advances, scammers are employing new ways to perpetrate fraudulent acts and the use of robocalls is not an exception. Now, they are using this technology to send robocalls en masse which affects virtually every phone user.

Apart from being annoying, robocalls are illegal as long as you didn’t sign up to receive them. Scammers are using this means to steal personal information and extort money from unsuspecting phone users. Sometimes, they claim to work with big corporations like Google and even offer credible SEO services capable of improving site’s ranking once a certain payment has been made. Others may offer to manage or renew your business listing which they claim is about to expire.

As a business owner, you need to protect yourself by not falling for these scams. Despite all controls and preventive measures put in place by organizations and government agencies, it still appears as if robocalling in not stopping anytime soon. Here is what you need to do to when you find yourself this situation.

Identify it’s a scam

Identifying a scam is not a hard thing to do. It’s important to understand that most reputable companies such as Google do not employ pre-recorded messages except they are requested for by clients. As a matter of fact, there will always be a human on the other end when you receive a legitimate, unsolicited call from them. Listing your business or managing your listing on Google doesn’t cost any money. You can’t pay the company for SEO services. So, be careful when you receive an automated call demanding your personal information.

Handling robocalls

When you receive a robocall, be careful not to release your personal information. It is even best not to say anything and if possible just hang up. Saying something will make the scammer believe that there is a human on the other end and you are probably going to receive more calls thereafter.

Preventing robocalls

Regardless of your business structure, it is good to know that you can prevent robocalls from happening in the first place. One good way to avoid robocalls is to avoid exposing your phone number online via social media marketing services. If you’ve got your number on social media try to take it down.