Here Are The Digital Marketing Strategies That Have Proved To Be Effective

The fierce competition among corporate organizations has raised digital marketing to a whole new level with some of the trends discussed below. Every organization and retailer in West Palm Beach, South Florida, and other cities in Florida needs to follow the trends to remain in business.

Digital Marketing Now Includes the Use of Chatbots

Nothing attracts potential customers more than instant response to their inquiries. So, companies now make room for chatbots in their web design because they need to man their websites 24/7/365 to be able to give instant reply to inquiries.

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Chatbots are great because they save cost of paying someone to man your website and bots give more accurate responses. The artificial intelligence technology makes this possible. The question is, how does a bot get the answers to all inquiries? This is simple. Every chatbot is linked to a database of answers to possible inquiries from potential and existing customers.

Integrity and Honesty

Another effective customer-retention strategy is to exhibit a high level of honesty and integrity. Some customers will rather patronize a trusted brand even if its products cost more. To build customers’trust you need to take responsibilities for any issue a customer may have with your products or services. In addition, avoid any form of hidden fees. Lay your price structure bare from the beginning.

Never promise what you can’t offer. Work towards building a strong relationship with customers. Consider this scenario. A customer once ordered a product that is out of stock from a retailer. The tag price of the product was $20.95. The retailer appealed to the customer to hold on for a few days for them to restock the product and ship her order. She reluctantly agreed.

Fortunately, for the company the cost of the product dropped by a few dollars. So, they also readjusted their price from $20.95 to$18.55. Most companies would have still sold the product at the old price at least to those that have ordered it. Instead, this company informed her that the price of the product has been reduced to $18.55 so they were going to refund the difference. She was so glad and you know what she said? She told them not to refund that she will order another product and pay the amount that will balance it up. You bet the company has earned the trust of that customer.She will always patronize them.

Use Attention Grabbing Ads

People are inundated with a lot of activities on the net that they really have no time for “regular” ads. In fact, it takes them less than 5 seconds to decide whether to view your ad or pass it. This is why a lot of companies now use short videos to create attractive ads.

Your ads have to be brief, concise, and very clear. These ads should be good enough for a potential customer to view it multiple times.It is now compulsory to create room for videos in your web design.

Conclusively, there are other digital marketing trends but with the three discussed above, you will not only attract more customers,you will also be able to retain existing ones.

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