Essentials Of Creating An Effective One-Page Strategy


Research from around Florida has indicated that internet marketers with a plan usually record more success than ones without. This article is targeted as those digital marketing agencies that have yet to come up with a documented strategy.

A one page plan works in two ways; for those who have not gotten down to creating a strategy yet, it will help them with one, while those who already have a concise strategy drawn but find it hard to keep up with them can strip it down to one page and keep everything in perspective.


  • Keeps content producers on one page
  • Strengthen the cohesiveness of units involved in the content marketing strategy
  • Helps clients and executives to buy-in to the project quicker and stronger


The first item of concern in creating a One-Page strategy is to understand the organization’s targets for the year. To understand these targets, the following pieces of information are needed.

  • Targets in terms of revenue growth (year on year)
  • Profit growth targets
  • Strategy for achieving the intended growth (new markets, new customers, etc).

Other factors the digital marketing agency holds as important – this is important because different companies have different personal values, a company in South Florida may have different values it holds important than its counterparts elsewhere.

The second step is to shrink them into two categories:

  • Objectives –intended results for the year.
  • Goals –measures of progress towards the ultimate objective.

The next thing to do is to work with marketing teams and salespeople to create a content marketing plan that will move the company closer to achieving its goals. These will appear on the One-Page plan as

  • Strategies – qualitative targets of the content marketing program (actual activities).
  • Metrics – quantitative targets (putting numbers to intended results).

These categories should include revenue estimates too, because at the end of the day, that is what the men and women at the top really care about.

Next, the executives have to see the draft plan, make inputs and clear their misunderstandings, but all of it must still remain within one page. What they usually want to know are the money estimates, summed up as follows:

  • How much will be spent and when.
  • How much will be realized and when.

Content creators, are the next to be brought up to speed at this point and to align their creativity with each other as well as with company goals. A wise policy is to have every team – member on the books of the internet marketing agency pin the final One-Page plan on their screens to inform their decisions about contents they create onwards.

In conclusion, the key is to keep all the essentials in one page for faster access to goals and targets, so if need be, longer paper may be used because if it exceeds one page, the purpose is defeated.