We are in an age where every business is gradually going into internet marketing. Everyone wants to take advantage of the internet in to grow sales and increase awareness. One of the major ways of increasing your online visibility is by using SEO techniques. However, you might also face challenges on your WordPress site. These issues are common to everyone no matter where you are whether you are in Florida. This article will try to outline some of these issues and also provide solutions for them by highlighting the importance of SEO services. These issues have been divided into two major groups:

1) Technical SEO

This is characterized by slow page speed and mobile incompatibility.

a) Slow Page Speed

A slow page can be annoying. We are in a world where everyone is in a hurry even on the internet. So, if your page is slow, people won’t like to visit it again. Also, Google will not put your site at the top in search results. You can increase page speed by reducing the pictures you put per page. Also try to minimize the sizes of the pictures. Finally, you should only use appropriate and important plugins.

b) Mobile Incompatibility

It means your website is not compatible with mobile devices. That is to say, your website does not have a mobile-friendly version. This makes the use of SEO services in Florida crucial. An expert will know how to make sure your website is compatible with every device. Google will rank you lower compared to other websites that are mobile friendly. So, to solve this problem, you can either develop a mobile version of your website or you can make your website responsive by enabling it to adjust to any screen size at all.

2) Crawlability Issues

a) WWW domain is not configured correctly

This happens when you can access your website through the WWW version and the non WWW version. This is a problem as it causes apparent duplicate content. It can be solved by going to the general settings of your website or blog. In the general settings, you can then put the one you prefer between the WWW version and the non WWW version.

b) Redirect Chain

When you get redirected when you try to move from one page of the website to another. This is a big problem to SEO, because this affects link equity. It can be resolved by updating the link to the final destination. When you do this, you can avoid multiple redirects when moving from one page to another

c) Presence of Broken Links

This is when the links that lead to the internal pages of your website are broken. This is not good because it hinders Google from accessing the quality of your website and it also annoys users thereby reducing the effectiveness of internet marketing. This can be solved by using a plugins to check broken links. This will help you run a scan through your website and uncover the broken links. After discovering them you can now update it or remove the link.

To get the best out of internet marketing, you need to identify these issues and solve them appropriately.