Gen X, Gen Y Targeting: How To Target Different Generations On Social Media


Gaining and keeping the loyalty of customers to your service or product brand is a seemingly difficult task when you know only little or almost nothing about your audience. This should prompt all business persons both online and offline to learn about the different generations of people existing and how to serve their different needs.

Generation X:

These are the generation of people born in the 1970s, they had no technology from 1966 and later began to experience sophisticated technology as they grew older. This generation is very educated and they pay good attention to education based products.

The major psychology of this generation is that they carefully research about the details of the products and services which interest them, the approach a lot of situations from the educational analysis point of view. To succeed in making good sales to a generation X audience, it is best to concentrate on online educational products and email sales; and a frequent follow up messages will help create a good customer from the generation X audience and keep them loyal.

The Generation X audience:

SEO services that work well for the Generation X person should contain informative based tags.

The online marketing strategy should express flexibility for customer like online purchases and online banking.

Your brand needs to really show that you optimise growth in both products and services.

This generation will attend to your emails, and may likely make a purchase of your service or product if you frequently reach them using email campaigns with educational sales contents.

Generation Y:

This generation of people are born from 1977 to 1994 and are also called the Millennials. They were born and brought up amidst the technology vibrant age, they have very diverse views about many different subjects and ideas about life, and they are enthusiastic and willing accept change as it comes.

The internet marketing and sales experience that works for the Millennials requires various creative online marketing contents which should include the combination of the available media concepts; many of them learnt how to design websites and market products to large audience. So, you should know that nothing really surprises the people if this generation.

The Generation Y audience:

  • With this target audience, your internet marketing tools must have compelling contents that can be made up of graphical picture, audio and video clips.
  • Create SEO services that encourage and motivate them in the direction of Entrepreneurship. They have been seen to be very innovative.
  • Allow your internet marketing strategy to portray diversity and variety, this generation always want to choose the best of what they need.
  • Do well to communicate more details about your products and services, the millennials are constantly on the social media trying to compare the features of their desired product or service.

Internet marketing with commendable SEO services have expanded the ways in which businesses in Florida can advertise their products and services to larger targets of people from different generations, this good benefit makes it compelling for the business owners in Florida especially in South Florida and West Palm Beach focus their reach to attract the right customers.