Guide: How To Upgrade Your SEO And Content Marketing Strategy Marketing


Search engine optimization or SEO, for its acronym in English, is one of those marketing activities that generate confusion. It’s almost like content marketing, but not the same, as it is based on algorithms and searches with keywords that constantly change. For more information, contact our South Florida internet marketing company today!

Obviously, Google is currently in control of SEO. Its algorithm handles about 60% of all online searches and has marked the course of practices around SEO in recent years.

The improvements and changes that Google makes to the algorithm can change the whole theory around SEO, which means that marketers must stay updated to understand what this company is doing.

The influence of the search engine

Do you need a quick data for your research? Google it. Do you want to know the cinema schedule? Google it. Do you need statistics about Google? Google them. At the end of 2017, 1.17 trillion searches were conducted in Google worldwide.

Of those 1,17 trillion, a large part is consumers researching before deciding and buying a product. Around 80% of consumers seek advice on the Internet.

Finding a South Florida online marketing company that fully comprehends your company’s needs is vital to any business’s internet marketing strategy. And so is having a good search engine ranking and appearing on the first page is a priority for many companies. And the more advanced the algorithms, the smarter, so your SEO strategy should be too.

Goodbye to bad practices

The aggressive, short-term and spam-filled techniques that some agencies and marketers used previously have died. Trying to cheat Google is trying to cheat the smartest technology. It’s not possible.

The importance of avoiding bad practices in SEO

Including suspicious links will be penalized and continue using questionable tactics will make the index of the said page go down considerably.

To achieve this, businesses must better understand their audiences. Social networks generate organic discussions, opinions, and feedback. All this is a great source to identify how people communicate, create brand awareness around the content and evaluate the results.

Ultimately, these strategies will ensure you quality content that will generate a high volume of searches in order to survive the Google updates. ”

How to create a correct strategy for SEO

Focusing on quality content that is relevant to your audience should be the starting point. So, instead of filling in keywords or changing the index of your page, a successful and thoughtful SEO campaign should include:

A clear understanding of your audience, including the way they search, what content they share and what they talk about.

Creating quality content that is shared by your followers to obtain visibility in an organic way.

Brand positioning techniques with public relations with influencers to increase brand awareness and amplify your content.