How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Adopting Google Ads


Whether you agree or not, Google is much more than a search engine. It rules the digital marketing world. Virtually all internet marketing companies in West Palm Beach, South Florida, and other parts of Florida make use of Google Ads and other search engine optimizing digital marketing techniques.

However, Google Ads is a double-faced internet marketing tool. It will yield tremendous returns when you get it right but when you don’t, you will only be losing money. So, here are a few tips of making the best of Google ads.

Broad matches do more harm than good

Match types matter in search campaigns because your match types are used to determine where your ads belong. So, a lot of people often believe that broadening their match types will make their ads appear in a wider variety of searches. Unfortunately, they just keep paying for clicks that are not converted to sales.

It is better to streamline your match types so that your ads will yield more sales. For instance, when you sell only Toyota brand, streamline your match types to reflect only Toyota so that your ads will appear to only the people that are interested in the brand.

If you broaden your match types, people looking for other brand will also click your ads. Remember, you are paying for every clicked ad. Your aim is to make a lot of sales and not just ad clicks. Think about it, which situation is better? An ad that gets about 450 clicks in a week but about 12 sales and an ad that gets about 80 clicks in a week but yields about 10 sales? Of course, it is the latter because the clicks are not free.

The structure of your keywords is important too

For maximum results, you should group your keywords into highly related groups. This will yield better results than other kinds of structures.

Broaden your horizon

Given that Google is the biggest and most popular search engine, a lot of businesses focus their attention on it alone. It is better to also work towards Bing, Yahoo, and other platforms. A tangible amount of people also use the other search engines and you will be cutting off users of Bing and Yahoo if you concentrate on only Google. This is why you should extend your tentacles to other platforms. Extend your ad campaigns to the other platforms.

Hire an expert

There are experts in every field and the level of success you achieve depends on the level of experience and expertise of the service provider. In other words, you may be shortchanging yourself if you are handling your Google ads yourself.

In most cases, the increase you will encounter in your sales when you hire an expert will be much more than his charges. Besides, a good number of your competitors are already enjoying the services of an experienced internet marketing company.