Instagram Engagement Shadowban: What You Need To Know


Over the years, with increasing level of technological advancement, different means of acquiring information and reaching out to friends and loved ones have been invented. One of this is the use of social media. There are different types of social media marketing tools in today’s society, and one of them is “Instagram.”

Apart from saving memories, an Instagram post has so many other vital roles it plays. It’s not just for fun or pleasure. It is an important social media tool for marketing of different products and reaching out to people in the modern or computer age.

Nevertheless, a significant number of people using Instagram are being influenced by what has been called a ” Shadowban .” A Shadowban is a hashtag that impedes a user’s access and leads to a surprising fall in this social media marketing services engagement leaving users with no clear elucidation.

How Does A Shadowban Impact Your Instagram Engagement?

This is a question most users ask. What the Shadowban does is to conceal your posts by preventing it from users who are not your followers, thus impacting your Instagram engagement negatively. What this implies is that, on the Explore page or when the hashtags used are searched, your posts will not be seen.

However, this past year, this social media platform has rectified the issue and improvised new ways to avert spam and misuse of this medium.

Have You Been Shadowbanned?

Shadowban’s of Instagram is strange as no proper explanation from the people behind it has been made. In a post that has long been removed, Instagram for Business pointed out that they are aware that users have passed through several issues with the hashtag search. They also said that Instagram is working seriously on how to improve the system with the resources obtainable.

If you have been affected how will you know? If your post gets to the extreme limit and your likes and comments reduce drastically with no good explanation, this most likely means that you have being Shadowbanned.

It is imperative to note that this doesn’t imply a ban on your entire account but an attack on specific posts. There is no special test for it. Therefore, be careful not to fall victim to the external testers that tell you they know when your post has been Shadowbanned or not. The best thing to do is to look for users who are not following you and ask if they can be of help to search for your post.

How Can You Now Fix Your Account?

Presently, fixing your Instagram engagements demands a bit of guess and check. There are three creative techniques that can help you get back your marketing services. You should make your posts:

  1. Be Creative

To be creative, try as much as possible to pay attention to individual posts to make sure that fits your business standards.

  1. Engaging

Recount a story that aids in achieving the goal of your business.

  1. Be Unique

Stick to a particular style so your community can recognize your posts quickly.

Finally, always be observant and don’t fall victim to those who might claim to have a solution.