Since the advent of social media marketing on several platforms, businesses and start-ups in Florida have been able to advertise their products and services effectively. Instagram, being one of these platforms, has proven useful since its introduction in 2010.

Over the years, there have been improvements in the application. However, the recent Instagram development that has changed the face of marketing in South Florida is Boomerang. This new addition is an important internet marketing tool that can help improve business in West Palm Beach as customers are always updated about these new interfaces.

To adopt this internet marketing tool, business owners must know how a boomerang works, and how it can improve their business.


This is an independent video application that presents an interesting method of capturing moments. A boomerang is a fusion of a GIF and a stop-motion video, made into a short video. As a user, you can take these short videos and play them on a loop. Recording a back flip or ice skater with this app is very interesting.

How to Build a Boomerang?

  • Download and Study the Application

This application can be gotten on your iOS and Android application stores. Getting used to the application is very easy, following four basic steps. Before capturing a video, tap your screen four times with four fingers to select a resolution for your video. This also features options to adjust video repetition, frame count adjustment, and frame rate. The Shutter button at the bottom is used to capture the videos. The second button found at the bottom to the right is the option for switching the cameras, either front or rear.

  • Create Interesting Contents

Social Media marketing has taken a new turn, and your followers are always looking out for new things. They want their minds blown anytime they view your business handle. You are obliged to fulfil their fantasies by creating contents that interestingly showcase your business. The videos captured can be demonstrations of how your products work, the announcement of new products, or fun documentation of your events and employees. These videos could be taken daily so that your products and service will be consistent to your viewers.

  • Preview and Upload Video

Finally, after you have created that amazing content, you can now capture the experience. Movement is important for a quality video. The device used to record the video must be held close and steady towards the object even while in motion. Once the video is ready, go ahead and upload it straight to your Instagram account or create an Instagram story. You can subsequently edit it, and add playful stickers and lettering to the video.

Internet marketing via Instagram is improving with time, as more of these developments are constantly unfolding. As a business owner in South Florida, it is important to be updated on the use of these additions and applications to help increase your customer base.