Due to its possible oversimplification of consumer behavior, the concept of micro-moments, widely publicized by Google, has received lots of questionings from some local SEOs. However, to a large extent, this concept has provided numerous SEO services with a substantial standard as to how a variety of human needs which lead visitors onto the web can be easily understood, such as planning to go somewhere, buy, know, or do something.

Experience has shown that there are lots of benefits to achieve through this means, particularly for those local businesses that are capable of proffering meaningful solutions to consumer needs in any way. Apart from garnering online traffic, there is a variety of other exciting rewards to enjoy, including offline word-of-mouth, social sharing, more clicks on website, clicks-to-call, clicks-for-directions, testimonials, reviews, transactions, in-store traffic, good user metrics, such as low bounce rate, time-on-page and so on.

When local businesses offering SEO services succeed in meeting the needs of consumers, they stand to enjoy a range of benefits that can directly or indirectly have an impact on their business revenue, rankings, and reputation. But in order to enjoy the full recompense of these services, it is important to understand that a variety of types of content publication will be required.

For virtually all local businesses looking to create awareness and win clients, there are certain basics they will need to publish. Here are some facets of foundation local business content development.


Apart from providing search engines with some of the most basic content about your business, your homepage should be capable of meeting the needs of various local consumer groups, particularly those in research and those in rush mode. As part of your website design, always ensure to keep your homepage refreshed at all times with new content.

For local consumers in rush mode, you must endeavor to provide them with all the necessary information they need to comprehend your business intention at a glance and be willing to contact you immediately.

Your homepage should offer consumers in research mode with consumer-centric content, clear navigation, and incentives to carry out further exploration of your website like reading blog posts, taking a look at project photos, products etc. This goes a long way in helping to provide them with a better understanding of your business, even before any transaction is conducted.

Product/service description

This is the crux of any business’ website design. As a rule of thumb, you should dedicate a different page of content to each major product or service you offer. The web pages for product or service description can be presented in different forms, including videos, images, text description, FAQs, service or product review etc.

Contact Us Page

Every business desiring to gain public awareness never underrates the potency of this incredibly vital website page. As part of your website design, there are certain features that should be included here, including

–              A call-to-action

–              A brief summary of products or services offered

–              Hours of operation

–              Links to social media contacts

–              A map for easy location, etc.