Ranking Fluctuations And Their Causes


Ranking fluctuations do not necessarily have to be a sure-fire indicator of problems. Too many people have made some large changes on their sites just because their rankings fluctuated. Web design is not so complicated. Fluctuations should not always lead to much panic and panicky changes. What should bother you, however, is:

  • When your top rated site (top three) suddenly begins to fluctuate, toggling between position, one, two three and so on for weeks. Lower rated sites normally fluctuate more than top rated sites and pages. It is normal to witness low ranking sites fluctuate. It is quite rare for top rated sites to remain in a stable, non-fluctuating position for weeks in the same vein, it is not normal for such a site to experience too much flux.
  • When you are the only one in your boat; When your competition is in a more stable position than you then, you should worry.
  • When there is a calamitous crash in your rankings in a short time: imagine that you have started to experience a sudden decline in your rankings. There is a problem for sure.
  • When there’s a nearly 24 hours non-stop rapid flux in the ranking of your URL for a prolonged period. This could be a major indicator.

Possible causes of fluctuations;

As mentioned earlier mentioned, there will always be fluctuations in the ranking of your site.

There is a list of possible reasons why your site or page’s ranking fluctuates. Here are a few of them;

  • Poor web design: poor user experience is expected to lead to a decline in rankings or worse still, a perpetually low ranking.


  •  As a penalty: if too many pages on your site suddenly experience a sudden drop in their ranking, it could be because of a Google caught you doing something sketchy. They could devalue some of your links and pages.


  • Tailspins (backlashes): seeing your page ranking flux may lead to panicking and excessive changes on the pages of your sites. This is highly discouraged as this will lead to re-ranking causing further fluctuations.


  • Few reliable links: links are windows to sites and pages. A number of reliable links will determine the access to sites


  • The type of computer you use: funny, yes! But the type of computer you use can influence your rankings. This is because of the IP address on your computer, which will show your geographical location, influences your ranking (sometimes, negatively).


  •  Connection to Google: Google is always imputing new data and new sites (about 200 new sites per year). This is bound to influence the ranking of your URL.


  •  Changes on website design title tags: constant changes of the title pages of your pages will cause a re-ranking of your pages leading a gross change in the ranking of your site.

There are many possible reasons why rankings fluctuate, it is, never a reason to panic and make panicky decisions. Make your website design as rich as possible, and you will have little or no reasons to worry. Many West Palm Beach sites have grown in readership and ranking by taking note of these tips.