Search Engine Optimization refers to any effort at making a website or web link rank higher in organic search result. Although SEO in Florida is one of the most effective means of digital marketing, it is still yet to be properly understood by many people. The mere sound of the term gets confuses them. But it does not really have to be so. In this guide, you will be learning how you can optimize your website for search engine crawlers. This will help you make better use of SEO for your digital marketing effort.

  1. Choose your keyword:

In SEO services, keywords are what matters most. You need to select unique keywords for which you want to rank for. The Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for finding the right keywords. In the search box of the Google planner, type in keywords that are relevant to your website or business. You will be provided with a list of suggestions of keywords. These keywords are a mixture of those that have a high average monthly search and those that have a moderate monthly search. You are to make use of a blend of the high and moderate search keyword.

  1. Include Keyword in the title:

When you are done selecting a keyword you want to rank for, next is to ensure that keyword appears in your title. The keyword that you choose must be relevant to your website, and each page on your site must have a keyword associated with it. This keyword should summarize what the page is about. Do not use a keyword for a page that does not have relevance with that page. Google only allows 55 characters in search results, so you have to ensure your keyword appears in the title tag of the 55 characters.

  1. Ensure keywords appear in meta description:

Meta description is a short summary of what the page is about, it usually appears underneath the title. Its function is to give readers a brief information on what is to be expected from the page as well as to entice readers to click the link to the website.

  1. Structure your permalink:

Make sure your permalink is structured along your keyword. How do you do that? Very simple. If you are using “hair products” as your keyword, then your permalink should be

  1. Download and Install Yoast for WordPress:

WordPress is the most used Content Management System in the world. If your website is among the millions running on WordPress and you wish to optimize for greater traffic, then you can enlist the help of Yoast plugin for SEO in South Florida. Download and install this plugin for your WordPress site. The plugin will inform you if there is anything very important you are missing in your SEO services.

  1. SEO Images:

Make sure you optimize your images for the keyword you have chosen. The title of your images and its alt text must include your keyword. But you are not to use the same title for more than one image. Make variation to the title of the image, but ensure it still contains your keyword.

  1. Improve website loading time:

The longer it takes for your website to load, the greater the chances of losing traffic. No one is patient enough to wait minutes for a site to load, they will just move to another website. Large images tend to increase website loading time. You can improve on this by compressing your images before uploading them.