If you render services that require your clients coming over or you have brick-and-mortar retail stores, it is important that your potential clients are able to see your physical addresses online. It will not only make it easier for them to come over, it will also boost your brand’s credibility. This why providers of SEO services and digital marketing now include maps optimization among their services.


Maps optimization is especially important for companies that have numerous branches or franchisees all over West Palm Beach, South Florida, and the whole of Florida. Potential customers should be able to locate your closest store or office to their location.

It is needless to remind you that digital marketing is aimed at pulling both online and offline traffic. The traffic will make up your sales leads. According to a reputable provider of SEO services, here are a few tips on using Google My Business for maps optimization.

Tips on using maps optimization to boost your digital marketing efforts

Take Advantage of Google My Business Updates

Some important updates were recently released on Google My Business and the updates came with some new features that you can leverage on. Take advantage of them.

Include Your Main Keywords In The GMB Business Name

It is very important to include your main keywords or what you do in your business name on GMB. For instance, instead of using a name like George Buns Inc., it is better to use a name like George Buns Roofing Company. Anyone who sees this already has an idea of what you do. He does not need to check further.

A company in South Florida may need the services of a roofing company and decides to make a shortlist of roofing companies in South Florida. With GMB business name like George Buns Inc., chances are high that your company may not make the shortlist because they may not have the time to find out what George Buns does.

Verify Your GMB Page

You also need to verify your Google My Business page so that Google and other search engines can easily find your company and its locations. Verifying your GMB page will push your business to the top of search engine result pages. That means the description of your services, your official hours, and your location will all be seen easily.

Choose The Right Subcategories

After choosing the category where your business belongs, it is necessary to also choose all the related subcategories because it is possible for a business to belong to multiple subcategories. For instance, if you deliver healthy diets like the paleo, keto, and vegetarian meals, your business belong to the category of “food and drinks” and it also belongs to “health and fitness”.

Your Citation Should Be Consistent

If you have a blog and multiple websites for the same business, it is necessary that the information on your business has to be consistent on all of them. If you have to update any information, do it on all of them at the same time.