For e-commerce business owners, there are numerous paths to Social Media Marketing and optimization in Florida. From SEO and Social Media Marketing to content marketing, there isn’t any shortage of ways to achieve your business goals. However, these options for your Social Media Marketing Services company come with rules that must be adhered to. Failure to follow these regulations will get your website devalued by Google.

While there are many things that can devalue your website, there are a few everyday things that can make Social Media Marketing Services companies find themselves in such position. Discussed in this text are some of them to ensure that you actively take the necessary steps to prevent slip-ups like these.

Common Things That Can Get Your Website into Trouble

  • Duplicate Content

Many business owners don’t realize what having duplicate content is. E-commerce sites with hundreds of listing pages, find it difficult to create unique content consistently. However, in Google’s eyes, duplicate content equates low-quality material. The copy on your site should be unique and well written on all pages if not Google will catch up with you and degrade your site.

  • Hacked Sites

Hacked websites went up by 32% in the last year, posing a considerable threat to the performance of websites overall and the security of web users. Securing your site is an important step that every webmaster must take if they want to remain successful on Google. It is in their own interest to make their website security airtight.

  • Overly Guest Blogging

Guest posting isn’t a shady practice. However, having your content published on multiple websites or posting guest content of poor-quality is a violation of Google guidelines. This practice should be avoided. Any post you guest blog has to be your best work. It must not reflect spammy content, or Google will devalue you.

  • Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO means fraudulent practices like cloaking, hidden text, link farms, and keyword stuffing to name a few. People who carry out Black Hart SEO try and skirt over the rules to achieve SEO results quicker. There aren’t any shortcuts in SEO. Practices that take shortcuts like the above will likely get your website in hot water. Website owners should be familiar with black hat SEO so they can identify it early and avoid it.

  • Slow Page Speed

Having a page with slow speed tells Google that your website isn’t the best option for web users to find search results. Everyone knows that page speed, ease of site crawling and mobile friendliness, are factored into algorithms. So, checking to verify how your site performs via user testing and page speed testing are things business owners should check if they want to maintain their reputation.