There are a wide range of online marketing trends that need to become a part of any viable business’ planning. While this is common knowledge, it can be tough for businesses to decide how they are going to take advantage. That is why this helpful guide is here to help.


Let’s take a closer look at the three must have components of any 2019 online marketing plan, so that South Florida businesses are able to reach their true level of potential going forward. Whether you are reaching out to West Palm Beach or Florida as a whole, these tips and pointers are crucial.

Website Design

Website design is one of the most important aspects of any online marketing plan. The website that is created has to serve as the calling card for the business. A website should be considered as a first impression and as any experienced businessperson knows, there is no second chance at creating one.

The design should be appealing but form should never come before function. If the website is designed properly, a visitor is never going to have to guess what is taking place. They will know what your business is and what they do within moments. The website’s design should also be responsive across all mobile devices.

Online Service Listings

If there any online directories in the state of Florida that are relevant to your business, you’ll need to be listed on them. When people are searching for your goods and services, they need to know that they are in the right place. Otherwise, they will simply continue their browsing elsewhere.

Search engine optimization plays a major role when it comes to your positioning in these directories. A Google My Business listing helps immensely in this regard. By taking the time to include the most relevant information about your business (such as an address, phone number and name), you increase the chances of being seen by your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Any business that is ignoring the benefits of social media marketing is placing themselves far behind their competition. These platforms offer all businesses the chance to exist on a level playing field and speak to their target audience in a more direct manner. Social media marketing offer a business the chance to lure new customers but it is also pivotal when it comes to retaining customers as well.

Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are the three main platforms to use and businesses must take the time to learn more about the locations where their target audience is most likely to be found. Paid social media marketing campaigns should be combined with more typical tactics as a means of developing a well rounded plan for the new year.