The Importance Of Quality Over Pricing When Choosing An SEO Company


iPhones are known to be one of the most expensive smart phones on the planet, with prices starting as high as $650. But despite this steep price, people still form queues to purchase units of the phone in Florida. This may come as a shock to many, but the explanation is quite simple; people know quality when they see it and they are prepared for the high prices that come with quality products.

In a few months time iPhone 8 will be released into the market, and just as expected, it would cost a lot. Although iPhones have been known for their steep prices, iPhone 8 takes quality and price to a whole new level, costing an almost outrageous $1,200.

So what makes the iPhone 8 so expensive? About 20% of the $220 it cost Apple to manufacture iPhone 7 was spent on display. However, the price of the screen of the latest iPhone 8 cost more than 60% of what was spent on the iPhone 7.

Despite these monstrous prices, people will still troop in to purchase the iPhone 8. Why? Quality outweighs price, in many cases.

Similarly, while scouting and researching for an SEO partner in Florida, South Florida or West Palm Beach, it is important to focus on quality and mind a little less about pricing. Researching thoroughly for an SEO partner may be a tough job, but in the end, it will fully be worth it. The consequence of a weak research may lead to choosing a wrong SEO agent for the task, and this would negatively impact your business. Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in digital marketing.

If after your research you choose to go with an agency with expensive SEO services, of course, it would cost you a lot, but just like the iPhone 8, you can be assured of good quality and reliable results. In online marketing, the better the quality of your SEO services, the higher the likelihood of your return on investment accompanied by a better website.

But if a Florida agency submits a quote with a very reduced price, then you can be assured that they would be outsourcing the job to the Philippines or India and may even be automating it. Aside from that, you will likely be assigned to an account manager who has more than 50 other accounts that he is managing. Although this may help you cut down on cost, it will be harmful to a digital marketing campaign in the long run.

Due to their less than reputable practices, these agencies do not typically expect their clients to stay longer than about 6 months. But this doesn’t really disturb them as their large sales force would always bring in new customers. These agencies may also cut down on cost by spending less or nothing on researching the industry, competition, and status of their client’s business online.

An agency that gives a higher price typically will spend resources researching and creating a strategy that is unique to the client’s business. These agencies do not believe in the concept of one-size-fits all, rather their strategy is custom fitted for the business. This strategy will also adjust based on changing tactics, guidelines, and trends.

SEO takes time for its impact to be felt, yet companies will want to see what their huge money is doing for them. In some cases, there wouldn’t be anything to show, it is not like the money has been mismanaged, but it may have been spent on market research and identifying potential hurdles.

While searching for an SEO services partner in Florida, South Florida or West Palm Beach, you should aim for an agency with a marketing team that can act as a partner in your quest for success.