The Importance Of Social Media Influencers In Digital Marketing


When it comes to digital marketing, no one does it better than celebrities seeing as people always trust what they say. Because of their fame, they make excellent models which make them valuable assets to your business. However, times are changing, and a new age of celebrities are starting to take center stage, changing the way internet marketing takes place.

Social media influencers are groups, people, or brands, with a large online following, and of course, a lot of influence. These social media icons can propel your brand onto the feed of potential customer regardless of whether they’re in West Palm Beach, or Baltimore, all with a single post. An influencer may just be the type of digital marketing your online presence needs to boost its customer base and (hopefully) buy into your brand.

How it Works

  1. Word of Mouth

One of the effects social media influencers bank on in their internet marketing strategy is the influence of word of mouth. People tend to value the opinion of others when deciding to make any purchase. Testimonials make any campaign more human and appear more reliable. So when a potential sees someone online promoting your brand, or they hear about it

  1. The Celebrity Factor

Back before social media was a thing, billboards, television, and cereal boxes were a significant part of celebrity endorsements and how brands targeted their potential customers. Today Instagram famous models, Snapchat stars, and YouTubers are how they target the younger generation. These influencers show potential clients that they have the same interests, which can range from photography, makeup, cooking, regardless of fame. They turn this shared interest into a digital business.

What makes these influencers so attractive apart from the creativity behind their account is the relationship they cultivate with their followers. Most influencers maintain a level of intimacy and personability with their supporters that make them appear much more trustworthy.

Picking Out an Influencer Marketer

Finding a social media influencer that will suit your brand is not just about picking the first influencer you come across. You need to ask some questions that’ll help you select the perfect social media influencer for your brand.

The first thing you’ll want to consider is, of course, the influence. What’s your target audience? Parents are more likely to be on Facebook while teenagers gravitate towards Snapchat. Dive deeper and find out which influencer fits which platform.

The second thing is picking out someone that aligns with your brand. If you sell fashion accessories and jewelry, then you’ll want to go with someone who’s fashion forward and trendy. You’ll also want to know the number of followers they have so you can estimate how wide their reach is.