The Role Of SEO Meta Tags In Digital Marketing


Meta tags are one of the best tools used by search marketers for digital marketing. Before you can render SEO services, you must first learn to use meta tags. Often, meta tags can be misused. Refrain from using meta tags you do not need because they can take up a lot of code space.

Meta tags are not limited to keywords and description, although they are the most common uses. There are others. They have been divided into; the indifferent, the bad and the good. This division does not necessarily cover all the meta tags possible, but it covers most of it.

The Indifferent Meta Tags

Some sites use this meta tags for digital marketing on particular situations. But if it is not important. So, do not use it.

  1. Site Verification

If your site is verified with Google and Bing, you might not need to verify any on other search engines. Only do that when you cannot load them.

  1. Keywords

Most companies that render SEO services would not advise you to use this tag, but it can be useful in some areas. Only add it if it is automated when building your site.

  1. Language

This tag is not necessary except in a case where you have to announce the main language on the page for international purposes.

  1. Refresh

Most times, we need to get things done quickly, but this should not be the case. Instead of using this tag nickname; ‘the poor man’s redirect,’ use the server side 301 redirects.

Other indifferent meta tags are social meta tags, robots, specific bots, geo.

 Bad Meta Tags

These meta tags would not harm your site but would waste your space. It is best to clear your site of these tags to create space.

  1. Copyright

The footer of your site already has the copyright, so there is no need to write it again.

  1. Rating

This is a very outdated way of indicating maturity ratings on content. You do not need this as there are other ways to prove yourself.

  1. Web Author

This tag names the author of a page. But it is not compulsory that you use it. Other tags are, expiration/date, revisit after, abstract, distribution, cache control, etc.

The Good Meta tags

These tags are very few, unlike the others. They are compulsory on every page at all times. If you decide that you want to use only these tags, you will not have any problems.

  1. Viewport

You will risk having poor mobile experience if you do not specify the viewport. To avoid this, always specify the viewport.

  1. Title

The title tag is in the header is very crucial for SEO. It is advisable always to have an exceptional title tag.

  1. Meta Description

This tag catches the attention of searchers and determines if they would open the result. Although it will not influence ranking, it advertises the page.