Three Reasons You Should Not Use Squarespace


When it comes to website design services, there are several brands that you can choose. Each of these brands have their pros and cons, features and functionalities that make them unique and different from the others.

One of such brands which have gathered popularity in recent times is Squarespace. Squarespace is one of the most popular website design services platforms available in the market. For anyone who watches TV regularly or who is an ardent listener of podcasts, then there is a high likelihood you would have heard the ads for this company.

Considering the popularity of the brand, it is easy to assume that the company is a great platform to employ for your website design. But that is very far from the truth. Below are a few critical must-read reviews revealing why you should not use Squarespace;

Problem 1. Pricing:

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a website design services platform is price. Although there is a saying that you get what you pay for, this does not directly translate to mean that the most expensive platforms are always the best. Squarespace, when compared with their competitors of equal peers, are significantly more expensive. Squarespace caps is the main issue when comparing Squarespace’s pricing with that from other non-inclusive solutions. Squarespace plans are restricted to one website, while their lower tier plans have a cap for the number of products and pages.

Problem 2: Backend functionality

In their many ads, both on TV and podcast, Squarespace employ simplicity and straightforwardness as their key selling point. But the fact is, the functionality of their backend is very far from simple, easy, and straightforward. For every website builder, simple but key functionalities like editing and adding content, editing the website design template, opening new pages, moving element around, and adding blog functionality are meant to be relatively easy. But when it comes to Squarespace, these functionalities are far from being simple and easy.

Problem 3: Apps and Extension

Squarespace does not support 3rd party apps and extensions, and this happens to be one of the issues that work against the platform. This means that Squarespace is responsible for all and every feature that is available to users. This is a big drawback for users who are interested in the seamless integration of specific functionality.

If you don’t believe this review

If you are doubting the authenticity of this review, then take a trip to the Better Business Bureau website where you will find 29 customer complaints against the company plus an overall score of D, from small business owners who have paid exorbitant amounts to the company but didn’t a fraction of a return on their investment.

Rather than hiring Squarespace, choose a reputable internet marketing agency in South Florida that would help you bring your website design dream to reality.