Use This Selection Process To Amplify Your Top Performing Process

When you’re stressed out from finding a unique item for everybody on your shopping list, ideas like re-gifting may have popped into your head.

In the end, the expensive scarf that doesn’t match your skin tone, or the kitchen mixer you have never content-curation-digital-marketing-company-west-palm-beachopened, or even the toy your child never got to play with could also be great gifts to someone else who needs them.

Just like a weary holiday shopper, creators of content in social media marketing don’t have enough time on their hands. They are often eager to please readers and challenged to offer something of value to individuals on their subscriber list. However, this content doesn’t have to be new; it can be resurrected, repackaged and also resurfaced.

If you run a digital marketing agency in West Palm Beach, Florida, you can use this curation process in your social media marketing strategies to amplify your performing process. If you know about content curation, you’ll know that it involves lifting 3rd party content by taking great insights and tailoring it to your brand. You must give credit to the original writer of course to make something fresh for your subscribers.

You can also apply the curator’s mindset to your content assets. This will help produce content with good results instead of having to take chances with unproven ideas. If you want to try this type of curated re-gifting, follow these steps.

Step 1: Determine the assets you wish to amplify

Normally, you cannot re-purpose top performing assets unless you’re sure what they are. You need to know which content is already performing well enough and add in your curation.

Step 2: Align the top performers with the needs of your current audience as well as their preferences

Your team’s analytics must have shown lots of viable items for successful recycling. However, just because the pieces made waves once doesn’t guarantee that it will work with your present audience. Take some time to confirm that it will be relevant and offer value to match the audience need and business performance.

Step 3: Recycle, re-purpose and repackage

When you have succeeded in identifying the best content candidate and gathered a general understanding of the packaging and positioning, start to reuse the assets to increase their reach and value.

There are so many ways to curate 3rd party content from the internet, but when you intend to amplify your content asset you need to recycle, re-purpose and repackage the content. This will get it ready for your subscribers.

No matter what you decide to do to get them ready for reuse, re-gifting, the strongest content is smart and resourceful. This way, you can increase the benefits your brand gains from digital marketing.