Why Duplicate Content Must Be Avoided


Web design and social media marketing can be both be challenging. Coming up with new content in these instances is not always as easy as it looks. The temptation to simply pass off older content as our own is always going to be there.

While web design and social media marketing are never going to be easy nuts to crack, there is no reason to ever rely on duplicate content. Search engine optimization levels take a major hit when duplicate content is used. Google’s algorithms are able to recognize plagiarism and a website’s ranking will suffer immensely as a result.

Losing credibility on a search engine as valuable as Google is never a wise decision. There was once a time when businesses did not have to worry about passing off duplicate content as their own. Search engines had not caught up to this practice yet and social media marketing became a bit of a free for all as a result.

A website is now penalized almost immediately if they are found to be using duplicate content. Knowing how to avoid these negative effects is key.

How Can This Content Be Fixed?

Avoiding the problems that are associated with this bad habit is important. Even content that is being re-purposed can still be arranged in a way that does not function as a duplication. Don’t make the mistake of simply moving a few words and pictures around and then posting them.

In order for Google to recognize the content, it needs to be presented in your own words. If even the smallest percentage of the content has been re-purposed, their algorithms will notice immediately.

Rewriting any form of content that could be considered a duplicate in your own words is the best way to avoid these sorts of concerns. As soon as the site in question becomes well known for providing top quality content, they are able to rise up the rankings in an organic manner.

Should Professional Assistance Be Sought Out?

Avoiding the issues that are associated with duplicate content is not always easy. This is where the assistance of a professional comes into play. Creating quality content on a consistent basis can be difficult and when we have pivotal day to day concerns that need to be addressed, content creation is not always the most important topic.

With the assistance of a professional, an online presence can be improved in a number of ways that we may not have previously considered. All of the concerns that are associated with stolen or recycled content melt away instantly. Allowing those who are experienced to handle this part of the process makes for a much easier existence for all of the parties who are involved.