Why You Should Include Pinterest In Your Marketing Strategies


The competition in the corporate world is so fierce that you may need to adopt every internet marketing strategy and platform to be able to grab and retain your share of the market. A lot of companies in South Florida, West Palm Beach, and in other parts of Florida spare no expense on digital marketing. So, chances are some of your competitors have already adopted every internet marketing technique, strategy, and technology.

A lot of business managers are not aware of the benefits attached to the use of Pinterest for digital marketing. If you still think Pinterest is still that small platform that you knew several years ago, you have to think again because Pinterest currently has more than 100 million users and more people still join the platform on a daily basis. Here are some of the benefits your business can get from Pinterest.

It is great for lead conversion

One fantastic feature of the platform is that it takes users directly to the source and this shortens purchase steps. The fact that it works with images and videos makes it twice as effective because humans are moved by videos and images more than any other communication format.

No matter how you see it, people who are yet to adopt Pinterest in addition to their other marketing strategies are missing out on huge sales.

It drives huge traffic

Since Pinterest offers simple but effective ways to link your followers back to your website with great images and videos. All you need to do is to come up with visually appealing content on this platform and it will take care of the rest. The traffic will even increase when you consistently share great content.

Users love to share on the platform

The big difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms is that Pinterest users are passionate about sharing content. So once your content on the platform is great, you don’t have to bother about sharing because it will be shared.

This is why Pinterest is 80 percent more viral and 3 times more efficient at generating leads than Twitter. This is not a mere guesswork. It is based on statistics.

Pinterest gets you more inbound links

Every content you post on the platform includes a link and this makes it much easier to for users to share the link. It even makes it very easy for recipients of the shared post to get to the source. You must have come across several images or videos whose original posters aren’t known. But on Pinterest, no matter how many times a post is shared, it will always appear with its original link. With the link, users are led back to the original source.

If you are yet to adopt Pinterest, there cannot be a better time to do so than now. This should not be a problem as many digital marketers in Florida have already included it in their marketing strategies.